We would love to help you find your next equine partner. By submitting an application, you are giving one of our herd a second chance at life.



  • Adopted horses must never be neglected, abandoned, or inhumanely treated and adopters must provide appropriate living conditions with shelter and turnout, regular farrier and veterinary care, vaccinations, worming, proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Adopters will have no charges or convictions of inhumane treatment to animals.
  • Horses are herd animals; therefore, we require at least one other horse at the new adoptive home.
  • Adopters with little or no horse experience are required to take basic horsemanship classes before the horse(s) to be adopted leaves the direct care of Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. Classes can include basic horse care and/or riding instruction by a professional trainer. Classes and/or riding instruction are at the adopter’s expense and referrals can be provided.
  • Adopter agrees that the horse cannot be sold, traded, leased, or given away or used for any commercial purpose, including breeding. In the event an adopter cannot keep the horse, the adopter is responsible for locating a suitable new home which must meet with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch approval and abide by the adoption agreement. If circumstances do not permit locating a new home, the horse(s) must be returned to Zuma’s Rescue Ranch.
  • We require a 30-day trial to be conducted at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch before adoptions are finalized in which the adopter can visit and ride their horse to ensure it’s the right fit for both horse and human.
  • Zuma’s Rescue Ranch reserves the right to provide life-long followup to adoptions and will remain on the brand inspection card as a 50% owner for the life of the horse, with the intent to prevent the horse from ending up at auction or in need of rescue services ever again. The adopter is responsible for all expenses incurred for horse care upon adoption and adoption fees are non-refundable. Adoption fees may be tax deductible.

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